General Assistance

The Polish Business Euro Club is the first point of reference for advice and information about Poland, Polish business and Central Eastern Europe businesses It can initially provide general assistance in the following ways.

Below are some of the reasons just why we are the right choice for your business:

  • The PBEC has access to extensive databases, containing information about companies, potential investment prospects and partnership opportunities.

    We are not funded by any government, however we are helping  the appropriate agencies responsible for trade, investment, development  to promote Worldwide business exchange. Our real value is active participation in business partners search, introduction of new projects and creation of business profit making opportunities. In these difficult times, the more we do together, the quicker and better the outcome will be for all of us.

    We only bring you deals and exclusive offers that have a guaranteed potential for making a return on your investment and a high profit yield. All our investment opportunities are fully backed up by our expertise, and our network of consultants, qualified and certified engineers and architects (in the case of real estate purchase) and our well known and accredited attorneys at law: Barylski T., Olszewski A., Brzozowski A. Attorneys in Law, Pawlak & Kiełczewski – The Lawyer's Chambers, to help you with all aspects of the purchase, sale or acquisition of land in Poland. The put it simply we give you the complete package from start to finish.
  • Remember that as a member of PBEC Executive Club you get these hot offers and investment opportunities sent weekly via e-mail or fax as standard.

  • In addition, the PBEC has considerable market and statistical information about the Polish and Central Eastern economies and individual market sectors.

  • The PBEC can provide information about the market structure, legal requirements, statutes, restrictions and other legal matters which would effect a company operating in Poland or other new EU member states.

  • The PBEC has access to reports on business and economic progress in Poland and Central Europe.

    The above can also be provided to Polish companies wishing to establish links with international companies.

  • The PBEC  also offers space on web sites under various divisions and mailbox facilities to Polish companies wishing to establish a presence in the UK.

  • Advertising space is available at the PBEC web site to Polish Central East European, United Kingdom and international companies wishing to display products, services and sales literature.